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SD1 Prohormones

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SD1 Prohormones


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Quick Overview

Experience the ultimate prohormone with explosive muscle growth and fat reduction with SD1

Average gain 7lbs - 15lbs.

More details

SD1 The Ultimate Prohormone

SD1 are the highest quality and most effective prohormone available to date . Giving you explosive muscle growth,strength and increased training aggression

SD1 is a very active form of a designer supplement and is highly anabolic Giving you rapid increases in strength and muscle size with out side effects.The gains from SD1 are very dry , which means that you are going to make strong and consistent gains without the excess water weight. SD1 will increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat leaving you with that post training pumped feeling . 

Our test subjects have shown a typical gain of 7lbs - 15lbs of quality muscle in only 4 weeks.

  • Explosive power.
  • No estrogen conversion.
  • Increased training aggression.
  • Increased vascularity.
  • reduced body fat.
  • No harsh side effects .
  • results seen in as little as one week .

Ingredients per Capsule

Pharmaceutical grade prohormones 10mg Methasterone(Superdrol),30mg Trenbolone (-m) , 90 capsules per tub 

Recommendations using SD1

  1. Increase water intake to allow for diuretic effects of SD1.
  2. Use liver protection products.
  3. Always use a PCT Supplement after using SD1.
  4. Avoid alcohol
  5. Course length 4 weeks, do not exceed 6 weeks and always have a 6 week break between courses.

    Do not use this product if you are female or under the age of 21 or have any of the following:

    • Adverse cholesterol levels
    • History of heart disease
    • Benign prostate hypertrophy

    Always consult a doctor before starting a course of SD1.

Why use SD1 ?

WPUK are the only company in the UK and USA supplying pharmaceutical grade Methasterone .It is not an inferior copy like some prohormones . We can do this because we have an exclusive relationship with our manufacturer who only supply to WPUK supplements.

How to use SD1

SD1 works best if used in conjunction with a high caloric diet. It is important to take it with meals consisting of complex carbohydrates and proteins. You should be consuming 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight.

SD1 Recommended Dosage Chart

Week 1 1 Capsule Per Day
Week 2 2 Capsules Per Day
Week 3 2-3 Capsules Per Day
Week 4 2-3 Capsules Per Day
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  1. Best prohormone a available Review by Duffy

    Been bodybuilding few years now.

    Started course 3 weeks ago. Gone from 14 stone to 14, 11
    Excellent gains. Does not look like much water weight either. Personally haven't needed to up from 3 pills a day.

    improved mood are the only side effect so far . Would highly recommend (Posted on 3/3/14)

  2. Unbelievable gains Review by J

    Got really really good lean gains with no side effects, I always drink a lot of water daily around 5 litres plus. Took liver care on cycle and pct after. Feel back to normal kept all my strength and not lost one of the 28 pounds I put on. Great product will recommend to friends and definitely try again myself. Can't fault them. (Posted on 3/3/14)

  3. Brilliant Review by Owen

    I started taking sd1's at just over 11 stone and after 4 weeks of traing and taking the recommended dose I am up to 13 stone. I feel a lot bigger and noticed a difference in strength after the first week, and I wasn't been strict with what I ate and drank still going out on weekends. Great product would recommend highly. (Posted on 4/29/13)

  4. yes they work Review by bodyshaper

    These work really good with increased strength and size BUT a great pity for me they did cause me to have indigestion and I had to stop after 3 weeks, a pity cos they otherwise are really good and give the results you want. (Posted on 4/25/13)

  5. Best thing on the internet Review by Garth

    Have taken a course of SD1's twice now... Both times saw great strength gains & great results.

    Put on lean muscle size both times and kept it both times.

    Highly recommend, not only for the results but also the price & I will be doing another course 100%

    THE CAVE Weights Room & Personal Training, DRIFFIELD (Posted on 2/27/13)

  6. Great product Review by Rhyscad

    Good product used for 5 weeks gained a stone very lean gains. Train down at the cave in driffield a lot of guys down there have used them and all have good things to say. Cheers (Posted on 2/27/13)

  7. good stuff Review by rockycarrot

    used for 4 weeks first week 1 a day 2nd week 2 a day,3rd 3daily and this last week 4 daily spread evenly, used milk thistle and using a proper serm, gained 7/8lbs finished at 12stone 5.. good strength increases n size gains (Posted on 8/3/12)

  8. Great stuff Review by Callum

    Awesome product for lean gaines, been on 2 courses now and each time put on a stone, none of which I lost after the course. It's a strong product though, ensure you take with liver suport such like milk thistle and drink plenty of water. (Posted on 7/3/12)

  9. leathell Review by big dog

    been on a week and wow there bettter than real thing (Posted on 5/20/12)

  10. sd1 Review by paul

    I have used sd1 for some time now and i will say it is the best prohormone i have ever used . (Posted on 4/15/12)

  11. Good product Review by james

    been taking it for 2 weeks, already gain 12lbs with the help from protein shakes of course. feeling and looking a lot stronger will give a final review in 2 weeks time! (if i remember)
    (Posted on 5/17/11)

  12. strong product!! Review by Mike

    Very strong product great results (Posted on 4/3/11)

  13. Great delivery and great product! Review by Dave

    Great delivery and great product! (Posted on 3/31/11)

  14. This is definitely the best I’ve tried! Review by Jase

    Started using SD1 10 days ago and started to see a big change already. (Posted on 3/23/11)

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